Thursday, 5 September 2013

Beds perfect for sleeping and bouncing

The boys have relatively new beds, but still one almost collapsed the other day!  Hubbie had to quickly put the wooden slats back into some kind of order before both boys tumbled onto the floor…

I have noticed them sneakily bouncing on them when they think I have not been watching… I keep explaining the trampoline in the garden is for jumping not the beds!  But it’s in one ear and out the other and they soon forget and resume their bed hopping activity in earnest.

The only other explanation might be the strain of all the soft toys the beds are laden down with; to be honest I think I have lost count.  They barely have enough room to snuggle in themselves with all the rabbits, lions and other various characters sleeping their sleeping space.  I think its time to look around for long lasting wooden beds, because frankly I do not feel these are going to go the distance unless I can make the beds less exciting as a play area and keep them just as a place for joining the land of nod!

Searching through a great range of childrens beds might give me more choice.   But I am avoiding bed bunks, as they will dive like lemmings from the sky with that option!  
Just imagine the noises from the living room hearing them dive bombing onto the floor.  My poor sensibilities are not up to it.  I would have to equip them with hard helmets and a parachute.  Although it would be handy if I ever relented and let the boys have sleepovers to have the extra beds, but then again let’s make the most of the peace before we reach that hurdle!  I do not think I am quite ready for midnight snacks and 3am bedtimes… 

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