Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bigger Issues

Before I had children I used to live happily in my bubble, the world went on around me and I would not notice much I was happy curled up reading, possibly stopping for the odd break to top up my sugar levels or badger my mum to head to the supermarket and get some decent treats in!  Now I seem to have the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I worry about everything and anything, my hair is quickly getting greyer and do not get me started on the wrinkles and shadows round my eyes!!!

On the plus side I guess I make a point of being more informed.  Anything we need to do in life, I want it done quickly and as best as we can manage.  So I research painstakingly on the internet the pro’s and con’s of our decisions, the best places to buy things at affordable prices and the questions we need to be asking in different situations – to be honest how did we manage without search engines!!!  When we had to actually rely on the informed amongst us, the people in positions of power and responsibility.  Least know we can quickly and easily get information ourselves, otherwise you have to go to the effort to make an appointment, wait for correspondence and so on…

We have a lovely solicitor, he is a very pleasant and helpful man but if we did not at least I know how more about what my solicitor should be doing for me and in what time frames, if I was concerned about solicitor negligence I would be well looked after online, having said that its not an issue for us thankfully!  We instead give ours chocolates to thank him for his help on top of his fee, but it doesn't hurt to show your appreciation to those around you!  But most of all I want to make the best of what I can for my two monkeys, although even on holiday my mind still runs into overdrive!!!

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