Monday, 23 September 2013

Biggest Word Book Ever

We quite like books here, but big giant books are even more fun!  This book was absolutely epic.  We love the work of Richard Scarry anyway but on this scale its even more impressive.  It is a novelty turning the pages of a book so big, for a toddler it would dwarf them but even youngest at four could hide behind it when sitting down.  

Both my boys eyes lit up seeing the size of the book, it is unusual to get books aimed for children so big.

I love the charming illustrations and peculiar shaped vehicles, great for imaginations with hotdog cars, crayon cars and all manner of crazy vehicles!  We love spotting the ones we like best and the book is fabulous for vocabulary with so many words and pictures making learning easy and exciting.  Youngest enjoyed hunting for Lowly Worm (pictured on the front of the book) in his apple shaped vehicles and house.

This book would make an eye catching present for Christmas, the sheer size being a huge plus!  It might not fit on your child’s bookshelf but they would always want to return to it anyway so it would make sense storing it closer to hand!  I am surprised youngest has not tried to tuck it into bed with him!  He settled for having it under his bed so he can go through it again tomorrow…

It was published on the 29th of August 2013 so available to buy now.  It has an RRP of £24.99 but if you shop around it is available slightly cheaper, although even at the full price it does make an intriguing gift.

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