Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 Review

Most of my worries revolve around my children, hoping they grow up happy and healthy, enjoying life and having the best I can offer them.  I also panic about money, wishing it would stretch further, but otherwise I am generally a contented individual.  Well that was until my current anti-virus software ran out… then I was flooded with concerns!

I thought of a whole host of viruses rejoicing in the fact my computer had no defences to protect itself. I was worried about going on any website at all to be honest!  Given I blog, avoiding the Internet, as a whole was not really an option.  Luckily I was offered Bitdefender Total Security 2013 to review as my computer was screaming at me about “multiple security threats” – so quick as a flash I started to install the software and felt with it a sense of calm.

Hubbie usually deals with IT support in our house, but I did not want to wait.  Fortunately installation was very simple, I attempted it myself and succeeded!  With a huge sigh of relief on installation it said: “Bitdefender scanned your memory and critical system areas and no viruses have been found”!

Online shopping and banking with a secure environment means I am happy to carry on as normal.  Living rurally its nice to explore the Internet again.

If I ever lost my computer I can remotely lock it down!  How clever is that, using the anti-theft options you can wipe all the data off it!  All very high-tec I did not realise security software had developed this far, I feel like James Bond with the latest technology!

The security widget lets you drag and drop files to do a quick check on them, I get sent lots of press releases and other documents so at least now I can check if they are safe before opening attachments.

Autopilot mode is quite clever, especially if you’re a gamer, you can play a game without interruptions by allowing the product to automatically enter game mode.  Hubbie gets annoyed if anything disturbs his gaming time, so this is ideal for avoiding that!

My boys do not use the Internet as such yet, just supervised with myself to do their educational games and learning.  As they get older though I can imagine the parental controls will be increasingly important and useful.  You can even monitor their facebook account!

There are even tune up options to help you get the best out of your computer and enable it to run more efficiently!  My computer is old, on its last legs, so it will be useful to see if I can get it to work better, hubbie will be impressed I can manage without his guidance (he might actually get more time to game!). 

For more information have a look at the PX Software website.

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