Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Chuggington Wooden Railway

This was a sturdy track that the boys enjoyed building.  Although they do still seem to prefer the other Chuggington sets they already own with the plastic track, which I think has more to offer the older child.  But as a first track set I think it still presents enough to keep younger children entertained.  Aimed at children aged 3 plus, I think even younger would be pretty safe with this; you could always supervise to make sure your entirely happy!

Its pleasant having a few quality wooden toys at home, sometimes you feel everything is plastic and a far cry from the “good old days”.  It can be a novelty having traditional toys with that certain charm they have.  All the sets we were sent had no built in sound effects, which was refreshing as the boys had to rely on their own imaginations for chuffing around the track.

Although a couple of the sets in this range do have sounds to add to the excitement if you think your child would enjoy the extra features.  So wooden tracks can provide you with much more than you first think.  I was impressed with the elevated track pack as it added more interest to their build projects.  Plus what child does not love going down slopes at speed!!!

There is an extensive range of engines and vehicles to compliment the sets, tracks and buildings.  You could gradually build up quite a collection to keep them well and truly occupied.  If my boys had not already been mesmerised by their previous Chuggington review products and the fact they can keep stacking their track I am sure they would have been more enthusiastic!  So my advice possibly would be to get the wooden track first then move onto the stack track playsets as they turn 4 or 5.

To find out more about the Chuggington range head to the TOMY website.

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