Wednesday, 4 September 2013

First day back

The boys went back to school today, youngest full time this year.  I thought I would be glad of a little calm but the house is far too quiet!  I need to find new projects to busy myself with.  With them out of the house for big chunks of the day I could finish our decorating plans.  I have a little room that is going to convert into my office; I write from our sofa presently and all that hunching forward typing is not good for my posture!  I do not want to resemble Quasimodo, so I think I need to sort that problem out quick fast…

I have eyed up a fabulous chair over at Homebase, perfect all sleek and stylish.  I am sure I would be MUCH more productive with that in my office.  It looks comfy too, as it’s a hard life blogging (or so I keep telling the hubbie!).  If I make myself look more professional he might think I am far too busy to do the housework.  Do you think I can get away with that and just swivel around in my chair all day long instead!  Maybe wearing my owl slippers and Zebra onesie, comfort is key after all.

There are so many sofas and chairs to pick from; I might have to dot a few more around the house so it does not look so empty without the boys here.  Perhaps in a few days, I will not feel such a void in my life, maybe I should go round trashing (throwing all the toys out of the toy boxes) and adding a sprinkling of paint, playdoh and coloured sand for good measure to help me remember that calm can be nice after all!!!  I should have recorded them arguing to play back when I am feeling emotional, then the transition might not have been such a blow! 

Although hubbie and I could spend more time together if he booked some leave, I could invest in a cuddle sofa (what a cute name!) and re-ignite our romance!  Or catch up on some of our outstanding shows more likely… 
How do you plan to spend your extra free time? I should really stop typing now and go and deal with the morning dishes!  I do not want hubbie to come back later sour faced!  Maybe I should produce a batch of cookies so the house smells glorious and the boys come home happy instead of seeing me still sat here drooling over sofas and chairs!

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