Monday, 2 September 2013

Musical Pufferty Train Review

I love this charming little train!  Such a cute design with Pufferty the dog, more unusual than having a standard train delivering people, but then again this is no ordinary train oh no!  This one comes equipped with a see-saw for Tommy and Tallulah to play and a handy carriage for you to spin Tooteroo on his perch.

Youngest was thrilled to be reviewing, he enjoyed the sounds, both boys liked the novelty of having a see-saw on board!  It sure beats having to go to the park for that kind of entertainment.  A door and a side on the carriage can be opened out so it’s easy to load passengers onboard, so even a much younger child could manage it with ease.  Aimed at children 18 months plus, I think it seems safe for that age group.  I would have no reservations if mine had been younger letting them journey around the house with it!

Although I think youngest might have been on the big side trying to squeeze himself into the train to join the fun!

Eldest was not as enthusiastic as his little brother, but he still made a point of seeing what it had to offer him.  Even giving a few more “grown up” characters (his words) a ride in the playroom.  So if you did buy this for a little one they could enjoy it as they grew older.  The characters that come with the train are great as they are quite flexible, you can move the little arms and legs of Tommy and Tallulah, although you can also move their heads right round!!!  But the boys thought that was funny!  Tooteroo you can move his little wings like he is flapping.

Priced at RRP £22.99 it’s a sturdy toy that will appeal to fans of Tickety Toc or just any child that enjoys playing with vehicles.  If your children have yet to watch an episode it would be well worth a viewing on Channel 5’s Milkshake!, full of stories of adventures and helping each other its exciting viewing for youngsters.

Available from all good toy stores and online.  For more information on the Tickety Toc toy range, go to and for more Chime Time fun head to

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