Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Powering playtime

We have been away enjoying the relative peace and tranquility of life in Portugal, but the boys have come back having missed their toys and eager to resume playing with them in earnest.  We are going through batteries at the rate of knots, they have so many toys that still have batteries and it can get expensive regularly replacing them, why does each toy need about six these days!  I guess it’s for all the flashing lights, movement and sound, toys are so damn sophisticated lately.  My two are certainly not content to stick to marbles and conkers to save me re-mortgaging the house to keep them in batteries.

We did try rechargeable batteries for a while but I am hopeless I kept forgetting to put them on charge, so we have our little charger sitting forlornly on my desk fed up of the inactivity!  I guess it serves as a suitable ornament for my office or a dust magnet!!!  

So I think buying batteries outright might be easier, although it can be an expensive business doing this so often and we have other financial priorities at the moment and sparing an outright ban on all battery toys here (I think I would have a rebellion on my hands!) I need an alternative.  Fortunately you can buy them in BULK from some sites with very tempting discounts for multiple purchases.

If it’s not the toys then it’s definitely the Wii remotes, especially when the boys have all their friends playing too.  Play dates can be tough, adding more children into the delicate mix of life here, the last thing I need is a riot because one of them does not have a controller to use for the duration of their visit!  Plus life is quite peaceful when the boys enter the gaming zone!  Arguments seem to seize and order is restored.  I only have to get involved to bring snacks and drinks or possibly the odd time help with a tricky level. 

We have been buying batteries from our local supermarket, but the Co-operative works out VERY expensive to do that, totally not recommended.  It was a slight improvement buying them from The Factory Shop but I think the best deals are found online not on the high street.  I think if I had realized quite how many batteries you need when you have children I think I would have had an eye on marrying someone high up in Duracell.  Sadly I did not put that much forethought into my decision-making, actually my hubbie is rather lovely so I do have no regrets honest! Although I have always wanted to own a Duracell bunny so that could have been a deal maker!

So to save me camping outside Duracell headquarters I think I will head to Battery Station instead.

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