Friday, 20 September 2013

Quick arts and crafts projects to revive your interiors

If you like to be creative and you’ve got a flair for design, you can enhance your home’s interior without spending a fortune.

The thing I love about using arts and crafts around the home is the fact it makes it more personal to me. My house is packed full of small personal home-made details. It’s this that really helps me to relax after a long busy day.

It’s easy to add your own personal touches to the home and below you’ll find five quick projects you can start today.

1) Mosaic pictures

Mosaic pictures provide a wonderful textured focal point to any wall in the home. All you’ll need is crockery and tiles, tile nippers, adhesive, grout and a grout scraper. It would also help if you wore safety goggles so no flying tile pieces get into your eyes. You can actually buy mosaic making kits which contain everything you need.

2) Repaint your cupboards

One of the easiest ways to make a big change without spending a lot of money is to repaint your kitchen cupboards. Opt for bright colours if you want to really revive the home. Bright red or yellow looks fantastic in the kitchen. This is something you can also do to old wooden furniture throughout the home.

Possibly paint without the help of the kids mind!

3) Saw your exterior door in half

Ok, so you don’t want to saw the door in half and just leave it. I’m referring to turning your wooden exterior doors into stable style doors. This gives them a fantastic country-style look.

4) Create a storage divider

Creating a wooden drawer storage divider will help to keep the interior of your home less cluttered. You can even use it to store your phone, purse, keys and chargers. They’re simple to create; you just need to invest in good quality wood and strong adhesive.

5) Dramatise your stairway

Often it’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference. Add a little drama to your stairs by painting the edges black or dark brown and painting the rest of the stairs white. This adds a wonderful two-tone effect that really captures the eye.

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