Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rough and tumble

Lately here it’s getting a little wild!  I always think youngest is slightly feral, I am not quite sure which parent he takes after in that respect… he has even gone back to biting!!!  But a friend summed it up the other day saying he is spirited!  That cheered me up a little, it sounds more manageable than wild!

I wonder if one day a parent will haul me into school complaining about poor so and so’s injury as he has wrestled them to the floor, thrown a football in their face or even been more creative with whatever he has to hand.  Sand or mud will be launched, water splashed, toys cannoned!  It could get interesting…

I think I need to get his fellow students a little white flag to brandish so he knows when he has gone to far!  Maybe then he would go easy on them.  I think he will grow out of this if not he will be great in the military, on a rugby pitch or doubling as a pro wrestler!  Time will tell, but until the dust settles I hope for our finances sake we have no arm injury claim to face.  I will do my best; maybe I can encourage some nice calming activities and a peaceful lifestyle so he is calm and happy! 

Trying to keep his inner lion reined in!  I guess it comes as no surprise lions are his favourite animals, they both like to RAAAAAHHHH to let off steam.  I will butter up the parents with hubbie’s home baking to keep them on side whilst I find a way to work through this tricky stage.  Am sure come a few years I will look back fondly on this stage, because it will be all fuzzy and blurry, just the nice happy memories remembered!

He might be my little lion, but he is adorable regardless and very much loved!

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