Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tiring out the boys

My two boys are quite into sport; they have tried their hand at karate, boxing, swimming, trampolining and football lessons, it can get quite expensive funding all their extracurricular activities but I think they are necessary to make sure they are tired out for bedtime.  Well its quite tiring dashing from one to the next activity for me anyway, so add the exercise on top its no wonder they are in bed much sooner than some of their peers!  Even on holiday we are always on the look out for anything extra they can do sports or otherwise.

"Mum you promised a horse ride"!!!

Which has got me thinking any new class proves popular here and could potentially turn into a goldmine, perhaps rather than blogging I should set up a sport locally.  At least then I could send my two for free, I wonder what we could do.  There is no dancing for children but aside from some gangnam style moves or LMFAO groves my two would probably not fancy structured lessons.  As a community we tired to establish a scouts group but it did not have enough parental support to help with such a giant group!  I was a little overwhelmed being one of two parents trying to manage a group of 20+ children…

There are some plans underfoot already for drama classes, so I would not want to step on any toes there, plus growing up my own attempts at acting were only enthusiastically received by my mum, bless her.  I need high action sport to exhaust children; if you burn them out they have less fight in them to wrestle each other!  So perhaps hockey would be the way to go, I could stock up on a few supplies from the Hockey Factory Shop and before you know it the boys will be even more active than normal!

Although I will have to stock up on hockey protection, because from what I remember from my own school days, the poor legs take a beating and I do want my boys covered in bruises!  So let the hockey master plan commence, although I might be a fair weather sports person if its too cold or very wet, lessons will be postponed in favour of tea drinking and cake…

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