Saturday, 12 October 2013

A hard habit to break

When my now hubbie quit smoking seven years ago it was awful!  He went from a 40 a day habit to complete cold turkey; he was moody, irritable and difficult to be around!  I was quite glad I lived at the time a good seven-hour train journey away from him.  He did exceptionally well of course, but I think he might have been better with a gradual reduction in his nicotine habit!  If he had he might have been more pleasant to be around for the tricky first few months his body adjusted to the intense withdrawal symptoms.

Luckily he was all sorted in time for our trip to Amsterdam!

My aunty found it difficult to quit smoking as she missed having something to do with her hands, I think this is why people say they tend to eat more as they are grabbing for snacks instead of cigarettes.  Luckily you can also get zero nicotine electronic cigarettes from Electric Tobacconist, so if you are used to the habit of smoking you do not have to give up actually holding a cigarette!

Lots of people will be trying to stop smoking now it’s officially Stoptober.  I never really took to smoking, I think I might have tried a drag of a friend’s cigarette as a teenager, but I never saw the attraction so never bothered again (shame the same could not have been said for my first taste of chocolate!).  So its difficult for me to understand how hard it was for hubbie to quit, dealing with such intense cravings from the moment he was awake till he finally fell asleep.

After 28 days remarkably you are five times more likely to stay smokefree.  I did see an improvement in hubbie after that amount of time, he was starting to look like he had a handle on his addiction and bless him he has not smoked since.  Although he does have the rare moment when he admits he is reminded of his old morning routine when he passes a smoker and has a tiny longing for a cigarette.

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