Friday, 4 October 2013

Anniversary Bling

In January we celebrate seven years of marriage, hubbie is always totting up how long we have been together as he wants to trump the time I spent with my ex (the fact I never married him or had children with him as I have with my hubbie does not seem to reassure him, he has a personal aim to beat and that is all that concerns him!!!). 

I think he should be more concerned in spoiling me instead but I think a post dedicated to hints of what treasure I would like to own might do the trick!  I do not own a jewellery box I have no need presently, I only have a simple pair of gold hoops to my name and a wedding ring of course.  Girls like to sparkle and shine with the amount of jewellery they have on display.  I do not think it would hurt if I had a little piece of that action; the bling might detract from the dark bags under my eyes (too little sleep!) and the wrinkles from too much smiling!

Treasurebox seem a good place to start, I do not want a collection envious of most magpies, I just want a few classic pieces that I can wear again and again with everything.  I will never be the girliest or girls but it would be nice to make more of an impression, with torn jeans and wayward hair jewellery might improve my status in the community.

The Treasurebox packaging is half the fun, its exciting getting a little box to open to reveal a present nestled inside!  

There is a whole section on anniversary jewellery, with lots of different types of stone, some more suited to the number of years you have been married. The Sterling Silver Heart studs are very sweet and romantic too!  After seven years the romance is a little harder to maintain... (I think the answer is more gifts lavished on ME!!!).

Although after all that, believe it or not I am most drawn to the Christmas tree earrings, what a cute novelty to get into the festive spirit!

A bargain for £4.99!  Only 86 sleeps to go...

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