Thursday, 17 October 2013

Badger the Mystical Mutt and the Enchanting Exchange

It is always a lovely day for eldest when a Badger book magically arrives at our house!  The latest instalment was another charming addition to his growing collection, he has been asking for a chapter every evening and sped through the whole book.  He was a little disgruntled one evening when I asked him to read his English and Welsh books for school thinking he would miss out on his Badger fix!  He then did his reading on condition I would still let him have a chapter of Badger.

I think this is one of his finest adventures, with a unicorn, a minotaur and more powerful Badger magic than we have seen yet, eldest was completely and utterly drawn into the story.  He was desperate for it to end well and for Pogo Paws and the minotaur Minty to return to where they rightly belong.  It was full of suspense would they manage to do it in time!

As always lots of valuable lessons wrapped up in the book, helping children appreciate some decisions are hard to make, but you have to do what is right regardless and consider the bigger picture not your own personal desires and selfish needs, Pickle got their in the end bless her.  I enjoy having Badger help me introduce tough topics, as a parent I want happy children but sometimes school can be difficult or someone has upset them, explaining how the characters in these books have dealt with things makes it considerably easier for me.

Eldest is already asking me when the next one will appear and is debating what colour the book cover will be, he is guessing black!  It just shows how much a fan he is, as soon as he has the latest version in his hands he digests it quicker than I do biscuits (or Badger toast!) then he is yearning for his next fix!!!  Badger you have a very devoted fan here.

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  1. lovely to see children so eager to read!