Thursday, 3 October 2013

Building it bigger

My hubbie is desperate for a new car; he wants something faster I know our car chugs a little slowly up hills and probably bigger (more manly!).  But it is cute and on the whole reliable, but it’s so small we might as well have a classic car as our super mini Micra is hardly fit for our family (we do not travel light on holidays, so end up with no space for our legs, uncomfortable is not the word, agonizing is more like it!).

Affording another car though is out of the question at the moment, we are still hoping for the bigger house and I would rather be more comfy at home all the time and just endure the short journeys squashed into our tiny car!  Hubbie has said though that people do build their own cars, perhaps that would be the cheaper option and one way to get the car we need.  It would keep him out of mischief at weekends tinkering away anyway, we could buy parts over time too possibly, maybe a wheel each payday haha.  It would be the longest ever kit build but we might get the car we wanted in the end.

We do have a friend with a garage so he could give it a once over if we ask nicely, hubbie is technical but I think a car from scratch might be too ambitious even for him.  But I guess I cannot quash all his hopes and dreams; I get told of for nagging as it is!  So I shall support him in this venture and research alongside him.  I think it would be sensible to have appropriate insurance too, I think our current provider might not be keen to pay out for anything hubbie puts together, so having had a quick look kit car insurance would be pretty essential to ensure we get the cover we need.

I wonder if hubbie could pull it off, have any of you ever tried to build a kit car?

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