Saturday, 5 October 2013

Denim Style Challenge

I was quite excited to be involved in the Denim Style Challenge with Bonprix.  The hardest part was settling on the two items I would review, as there are so many lovely items of clothing found at Bonprix.

However it did not quite work to plan, as the jeans were not my size but after some deliberation I decided to get another model for the jeans and I could model the coat!  After all it’s nice to share a little happiness, as my friend was grateful of a pair of new jeans in exchange for a photograph.  You will just have to imagine combining the pair of us to see how the coat and jeans would have worked together so well!

My friend is normally a size 14 but managed to fit into the size 12 straight shaper jeans (£29.99).  She was very pleased as normally she finds it difficult finding jeans to fit comfortably as she considers herself “shapely” (she is lovely!).  In the jeans she felt special as it held her in all the right places.  After she returned to her own jeans it felt strange without the extra support and she now feels she could not go back to her normal brand of jeans.  The part that supports you does look a little peculiar, at first we debated whether they were built in knickers so you would not have a line when wearing tight jeans, but eventually we realised they were to smooth hips and flatter abs, so a very clever design really and very flattering.

I absolutely love the black double breasted jacket (£44.99), I had a size 12 which initially I thought would be too big but with a little advice from my friends I realised having a jumper underneath would fill the space well and make the jacket look fabulous on me!  It is such a classic jacket that works well with jeans or a dress; it will stand the tides of fashion and I can get years of wear out of it!  My friend said it would be nice to see me in something other than my pink raincoat and now hubbie will have to take me out for dinner in this!  My new boots arrived from my competition win too, so I am all set to impress in this get up.  The jacket is perfect to compliment your autumn and winter wardrobe.

Bonprix gifted the clothing but all thoughts are my own.


  1. Ohh lovely items!! I love the jacket x

  2. Lovely clothes - nice smart jacket and I'm liking the sound of jeans that hold you in in all the right places.