Thursday, 3 October 2013

Dressing up for Halloween

As a family we love dressing up, the boys especially!  They have been cowboys, policemen, a chef and then many an action or super hero.  They have very active imaginations and want all the costume and then ALL the accessories to compliment the look.  Often the looks mix and match and you have a bit of a policeman, wearing superhero tights, with a chef hat and a flowing cape!

We like that though, it keeps the suspense of what they are trying to be, Halloween especially can get a tad boring sticking with the strict witch, vampire, ghost theme!  To be honest as long as you slap on plenty of white face paint and a token squirt of fake blood any costume can be adapted for Halloween.  I quite fancy a change with some fun 1970s fancy dress costumes; I love the disco earrings especially!  It would be nice to transform from being hubbie’s vampire mistress into something completely different!

I could be a hippy girl zombie perhaps; I certainly have long enough hair for that look and any excuse to get the earrings really!  The boys have plenty of face paint so I am sure I can improvise...

But if your hoping to be more traditional there is a wide range of Fancy Dress costumes, the front page showing what is the flavour of the month!  Halloween we have shortly but then of course it will be cheeky Santa outfits no doubt!  I do love how you can really get into character with some of the designs!  I quite fancy the ornate eye masks; I have always wanted to go to a masked ball.  We had a variant of sorts at the Supernatural Convention back in May 2012.  I think if I had found Elliott’s sooner I could have had an even more spectacular outfit!  As it was I had to have hubbie boss me around with fake glamouring to follow his every command… (I do not take well to nagging off Dracula!).

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