Monday, 28 October 2013

Go Mini Crew-zers HQ Playset Review

We have not had these chunky Go Mini cars before but since they arrived they have not been put down.  

Trying to get a friend of my eldest to leave the playdate was tricky he was completely hooked enjoying the music and the extreme vertical road, I had to all put beg him to go home…

For £34.99 I think it is good value as it is jam packed with features.  It is a playset with plenty to do, some times you really wonder how a toy company justifies its inflated prices but with this toy I think they have pitched it very reasonably indeed.  Considering you have a mini disco to enjoy, a vertical road to try and manoeuvre and an escape chute to fly down through a dog kennel with accompanying barking sounds, it is pretty exciting really!

It was simple to build which is always a bonus and then just a small matter of adding the stickers to decorate.  So your children can get stuck into play fast and give you a moments rest!

I was lucky to also be sent two of the Go Mini Stunt Racers RRP £9.99 so when one of my boys was busy with the playset the other would be happily doing donuts and wheelies.  Each of the racers have two modes which are easy to change between you can either go fast or do the stunt associated with that particular car simply by dragging the mini racer backwards.  These cars are bigger and do not fit in the playset which instead comes complete with a mini Crewzer car for you to use.  But you can buy a mini stunt launcher separately so the Mini Stunt Racers can speed along the floor!  They might not have a mini disco but they can still have fun…

You can see the whole Go Mini range over on the Golden Bear website.

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