Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Go walk

I love walking, come rain or shine I would like to stretch my legs and get some much-needed exercise.  Plus two boys do not seem so loud when their noise is diluted by the great outdoors.  Contained in the house, it hurts your ears after a while, but the fresh air seems to make everything okay and more manageable.  The shrieks and trills that would shatter glass scatter off around you, floating off to bother someone else no doubt…

Hubbie enjoys the car more and driving most places.  Given a choice I would pick walking, if the distance was too far then probably not as with little legs we would take forever to get there, but generally for shorter distances I would always be out stomping around, getting the boys to run and race or hop like bunnies!  I can even think in peace for a little whilst they roam around exploring.  Otherwise at home it’s “mummy this, mummy that”.  I love them to bits but a volume control installed at birth might have been a nice VIP upgrade in the birthing suite.

With winter on the horizon though I need to make sure I have some suitable footwear for these escapes outside.  The last thing I want is to be slipping and sliding in my shoes with no grip but I am not prepared to give up those therapeutic walks even for deep snow!  So to keep my feet cosy I have been looking what is available on the net and Skecher Go Walk seem to have something suitable in the shape of boots on the go.  With these nothing and I mean nothing would stop me from tackling the hills regardless of how cold it is my feet would be toasty in them.

I think one of the reasons I am so desperate to up-size is to take the edge off the sound levels in our house, surely with another flight of stairs it would not seem quite so loud!!!  I am surprised the neighbours have not complained when the boys scream and wrestle, although perhaps they enjoy the time I am off walking with them and feel more ready for round 2 when we get back.

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