Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Half term plans

Only a couple more weeks and then my two monkeys have a week off!  A week to fill jam-packed with activities and little tasks otherwise the pair of them will be squabbling and fighting the whole time!  Driving me completely crackers in the process.  But if the weather is anything like it is today I am going to struggle to keep them out of mischief, my two have LOTS of energy to burn. 

I need to fix my printer so I can print off lots of little booklets and colouring sheets for them, around this time of year there will be some lovely ones for Bonfire Night with fireworks to decorate, any excuse for youngest to go to town with glitter and glue!  I especially like the ones over at Twinkl.  They have a friend visiting on the Monday so perhaps they can all do some, it might lure them away from the epic Skylanders sessions on the Wii they plan, even if only briefly!

Usually hubbie buys the technology in our house, but having had a little search myself I am sure I could be perfectly capable of finding something suitable!  United Carlton have heaps of them for sale, surely I will be well catered for there.  I might have to print out some designs for a guy for the school competition too, as the last one the boys built for bonfire night did not even get a mention!  Although the winner’s entry was all singing and dancing so I can see why they had the accolade of being the guy on top of the bonfire!  If I print off some ideas though, my boys and their friends might feel inspired and reign supreme one day…

Here is last year’s entry; she has a certain rugged charm surely!

This printer could be the one; it looks fancy enough anyway, but as long as it will finally allow me to resume printing I will be okay!  You watch out this half term my boys will be begging to go back to school just for a rest from my relentless activity packs!!!  I hope the printer is up to the challenge, I will have it overworked too!

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  1. Aw that's lovely! I love those sheets they are great for a rainy day activity! Hope you managed to survive half term! :)