Thursday, 10 October 2013

I love baby clothes

I don’t do broody anymore, I see cute babies and go awww, but then remember the sleepless nights, the dirty nappies and the long crying colicky and teething days.  But I still love baby clothes; they are so delightful and tiny!  I did hang on to a few bits from my two to remember those precious days when they were so little and I would rock them to sleep in my arms or sing to them softly to soothe them.  Nowadays I can barely lift them for a second for a quick hug and a kiss they have grown so much!

I am hoping my brother will have some children at some point!  I want to have an excuse to buy some more baby clothes and indulge my love of the petite outfits.  My boys clothes now are not nearly as sweet, they have to be robust and built for play instead of just laying on their back cooing adoringly at their parents.  Just check out the fabulous strawberry hat from Babski Baby, I cannot imagine for one moment I could get my boys to wear that but it would look so damn cute on a newborn!

A baby does not complain about what you choose to dress it, it might wriggle and squirm a bit or need lots of changing (projectile poo up the back, I don’t miss those days!), but it does not demand to wear only Skylanders designs or Angry Birds underpants!  I would say to make the most of that stage because you can dress them sweetly before their own tastes take over and the moment has passed.

So if you feel the urge to dress them as a strawberry do it quickly!  Now is your chance to embrace the Merry Berries theme before it’s all about the latest computer game!  Children get more spirited as they get older and more determined for their style to reflect their own personality…

Although the Inch Blue Baby Leo Shoes youngest would try and squeeze into (shame they only go to a size 18 months!).  I did not know at that tender age how much youngest would go on to adore lions!

If your feeling particularly nostalgic you can change your children's sleep suits of old into soft toys as treasured keepsakes.  I found quite a useful website with tips on doing this called Funky Friends Factory, plenty of patterns to start you off.  Children do grow up awfully quick, its sad the moment passes us by so fast!  Colic and teething aside, I would keep them babies for longer!

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