Friday, 4 October 2013

Kid’s Capture The Colour Entry

We were a little late joining in, my boys have been practising lots with the camera we were kindly provided with to enter the competition, but we have had to refine their photography skills first! 

We had so many blurred pictures I was a little worried we would have nothing in time for the 9th of October deadline but thankfully last weekend we managed to get a few decent shots!  The boys had fun anyway and that’s the main thing.  It was interesting seeing the thought process as they picked out what would make good photographs!  We had lots of random bits of things, but I really enjoyed seeing them taking charge of the camera for a change!  Usually its left to us parents and you can totally get a new take on life through their eyes.

RED (courtesy of youngest aged 4)

BLUE (courtesy of eldest aged 6)

GREEN (courtesy of eldest aged 6)

YELLOW (courtesy of youngest aged 4)

WHITE (courtesy of youngest aged 4, he laid on his back to take the shot bless him)

If you have applied to the competition make sure you have got your entry in too, there are some lovely prizes to be won just head to the website for more information.

Happy snapping!

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