Thursday, 3 October 2013

Making what we have look better

We had thought of buying a bigger house, we had looked, we had debated then we admitted defeat, it’s an expensive business (legal fee’s, stamp duty to pay, the cost of moving all your things – we seem to have a lot of toy shaped things anyway!).  Some of the houses we went to view were gorgeous but many had lurking problems (needing a new roof, a complete deforestation to get to the front door or upgrading into this century generally!), all meaning more expense.  We have decided to make the most of what we do have and that means beautifying our house and garden.

Last time we tried to improve the garden we bought lots of fully-grown plants and spent a small fortune on giant pots to house them.  That project largely failed, watering was not always done on time and the poor plants were looking a little dried out and thirsty when I donated them to my parents in the hope they could bring them back to life (which they did a magnificent job of!). 

This time I want to nurse the plants from scratch, if I get little tiny seeds surely I would feel more attached!  I would have grown them from small plantlings into something quite grand, so surely even I would remember to water them.  Seeds are so cheap too in comparison to the big plants I bought last time.  Obviously you have to wait for results but I might be able to get the boys involved.  They still have little gardening tools from an earlier blogging review.

Or if they are too eager to see results straight away then we could consider plug plants as a slightly quicker start getting the garden we want.  At the moment it is mainly weeds, children’s toys and random holes the boys dug for me to trip and fall!

There are so many plant shops picking one is tricky I know my dad mentioned Suttons as he definitely has the green fingers in the family, it used to be my taid, he was fabulous, he showed his vegetables and flowers locally and won lots of awards.  I on the other hand would just be grateful for some coverage of the flowering beds, so they do not look so bare!  My mum says the neighbours will talk (heaven forbid!).

Our house might never be a show home, but it would be nice to spruce it up a little and a few packets of seeds won’t break the bank, the hunt for a new house on the other hand would have meant a holiday ban for YEARS and I may have had to cut out wine and chocolate too…

If your a bit of a novice like me there is plenty of gardening tips on the internet.  If I pull this off anyone can.

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