Monday, 28 October 2013

me & i Dress Review

We have reviewed the me & i range before with youngest modelling a rather fetching navy sweat jacket so I was pleased to revisit the brand but this time for something for mummy!  I would say the majority of my review items are for the boys so I am always a little excited to get a chance at getting my hands on something nice for me!

I picked the Flounce wine dress, when it arrived I loved the colour, a wonderful colour for Christmas parties, a deep rich colour.  My legs looked a little pale in the picture I am using it as ammunition for hubbie to let me go abroad again!  I think I would look better in this dress with a glowing tan or tights like the model most likely.

I love the detailing on the top with the pretty frills and the butterfly motif on the bottom of the dress.  I do think the material clings to your body so if you have any lumps or bumps it might draw attention to them, but likewise it can also be very flattering if you do not have any!  I think it looked particularly stunning on the model on their website anyway.

Priced at £52 it is a sweet addition to your wardrobe, I also feel like adding a few more me & i signature pieces to my wardrobe.  They have a lovely striped top in camel that has caught my eye and would work well dressed up or down, some very versatile items on their site.

You can have me & i parties at home too, it’s a lovely way to do an extra bit of socialising whilst potentially earning some money in the process!  I know lots of people who host Body Shop parties but I have been to so many now the novelty has truly worn off.  It’s a good way for mummy friends to get together and see the adorable children’s range of clothing and some key pieces for the mums.  You can see more information over on their website.

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  1. I love the look of this dress myself, hope you enjoy wearing it