Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Entertainer Christmas Wishlist

Santa I will be frank I am not entirely sure I will make the “good” list this year.  It’s touch and go according to my mum, I think I pushed my luck a little far as usual.  I will try and stop pulling on the dog’s tail, I will cut back on arguing with my big brother and I will give up my nose picking habits (at weekends).  But as it’s quite close to the big day and you have probably already allocated me a lump of coal I am entering a competition with The Entertainer instead to be on the safe side. 

Then if all else fails I might get a chance at the £100 worth of toys prize to accompany my lump of coal.  But do believe me Santa when I say I am trying… my mum says I am REALLY trying!

When I am not traumatising the pets or my brother I often look fondly at The Entertainer website, not that I do not have faith in the skills of your elf’s Santa not in the slightest.  But you have so many children to get round and I have my beady eyes on a BIG Christmas, think EPIC…

So I plan on getting my mum to add a small footnote to my current Christmas wishlist with a few items I failed to add.  Having seen the top 20 toys for Christmas on The Entertainer website I now realise I NEED a few more presents, particularly if it means I will get more than my brother (obviously so I can share with him and not torment him about it, new leaf turned and all that – honest!).  So without further ado I want, actually I better re-phrase (or my mum will tell me off!) that I would like very much PLEASE and THANK YOU the following.

A Furby Boom Wave (£59.99) just to see what the dog makes of it!  I have a feeling she might try and eat it!

A Hexbug Nano V2 Hurricane set (£34.99) as the set looks like its gone crazy exciting, I am not sure my current hexbugs are ready for the adrenaline rush of a freefall through a funnel, but its time they lived a little.

A Nerf Gun (£26.66) so I can go into battle with my brother, my mum or anyone who just refuses to do as I ask!  Seriously why do they rebuff my cries for more sweets, so I will take a dart to their body for inconsideration!  But only after trying to resolve it amicably (yes Santa I am still trying!).

I also would like some surprises because it adds to the thrill of Christmas, so Santa if your elves are not meeting their toy targets please head to The Entertainer quickly, the star buys will shock you and open your eyes to the 21st century, why get them to tinker for hours when you can just place an order in minutes here.  Put your feet up, drink a mulled wine, eat one of Mrs Santa’s gingerbread and use the Santa selector instead, then you don’t have to admit that you accidentally shredded the odd Christmas letter in error!

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