Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Playmobil Recycling Truck Review

My boys loved the flashing lights and the three bins, they were actively going around the house finding little toys and objects to fill them with.  They both played together nicely for quite awhile.  As a parent I loved that it is pre-built we only had to add stickers so it was easy for them to get started playing.  The instructions were relatively clear too so you knew where to put the stickers, I also confirmed a couple looking at the picture on the box.  I could do with more toys like this for Christmas day; I think there is nothing worse than spending most of the previous day building everything whilst your children sit round impatient and bored waiting to get stuck into playing.  They could enjoy this pretty much straight away whilst you make something else or just watch a Christmas film and tuck into too much chocolate!

For £18.99 on the Playmobil website I think it’s a worthwhile buy, my two probably have aspirations to be bin men after such an enjoyable play session.  I think it’s nice to encourage them about the concept and importance of recycling.  Currently my boys help me by putting out our real recycling every week, but now they can have fun in-between with the help of Playmobil.  I think it might be cleaner to encourage them to play with this instead, I think half the attraction of the real recycling for youngest is pouring any last dregs of liquids into our recycling bin, it probably stinks if I was brave enough to give it a whiff!

The Recycling Truck (4129) is also helping them realise their impact on the environment and how by recycling we can re-use materials again.  I can send them on mini missions to find little pieces of paper and card to fill their tiny bins then add into the main lorry.  Anything for a few moments peace, although knowing my luck I will find them having recycled some important documents like our passports!!!

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  1. I've got this on Monkey's Christmas list as his first Playmobil set - looks good