Thursday, 3 October 2013

Playmobil Volcano with Tyrannosaurus Review

I thought this was a visually impressive set for my dinosaur fans with the plants and volcano scene.  

Hubbie built it relatively quickly with the instructions; I admit I did hand the task over to him, as he is the toy builder professional in the family!  I am more likely to enjoy joining in the adventure once the hard work is done.  Thankfully there were lots of pictures showing which part joins where.

The included dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus and Ankylosaurus) were quality figures, very realistic replica’s, which will withstand years of play.  We liked the poseable feet and arms, opening mouth (the Tyrannosaurs looks fierce and hungry!) and for the Ankylosaurus the swing motion of the tail club for protecting itself against said hungry dinosaur!

Dinosaurs are a popular theme for children, so this was an exciting set for my two.  They really love the figures, carrying them around everywhere after they have made such an impression on them.

It is aged for children 4-10 and it is not too complex so well suited to the youngest in this age bracket, yet still maintain interest as they grow because imaginations dictate how the play continually develops and changes.  So far the dinosaurs have even helped with recycling here, using our Playmobil Recycling Truck we were also sent to review.  My boys do not separate out their toys they tend to add them all into one big crazy adventure!

The set is quite thrilling with the button that pops off rocks from the volcano.  Eldest just likes doing this again and again.  Another highlight were the little tools for fossil hunting, eldest enjoyed positioning the fossils then finding them again.  Using the little tools you can start to explain more about gathering fossils, how each tool has an important purpose and how fossils can help us learn more about prehistoric creatures, so quite an educational toy too.

Available to buy from the Playmobil website for £47.99.

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