Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rocking it up!

I used to be a frequent concert goer pre kids mainly whilst I was at university I saw the likes of Oasis, Manic Street Preachers, Texas, James, Idlewild and Mansun amongst others I should have written a list.  Now my memories are fond but fuzzy so perhaps I should enjoy another concert or two to relive those days and remember them more clearly!

Maybe I could get together with my old university gang and go back to the squeeze and push of the dance floor, I never had reserved seating back then, blame the student budget!  Although I am not sure I would fancy crowd surfing or anything too ambitious anymore, with a dodgy hip I would have to be more reserved and ladylike.

I think I would like a change from the indie scene, which I did to death back then, and try myself some rock tunes!  I might get hubbie to come with me if I grovel, he is more a gamer than a music enthusiast.  Now he is complaining he has no games to play so perhaps I could bribe him to come to a status quo tour in exchange for a new computer game.  The good thing with the old greats you can feel young again because the band are mature themselves, if I went to a One Direction concert I might up the average age by like 30 years!!!  Youngest loves them and he is just four.

My two boys are actually quite keen to get down rocking with their inflatable guitars so who’s not to say they will be musically talented when they grow up!  One day I might be attempting to crowd surf (with hip replacement surgery done by then of course!) proudly seeing my boys on the big stage.  Until then I think they will just enjoy wearing crazy wigs and strumming imaginary strings.

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