Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Snowflake The White Gorilla DVD Review

The boys really enjoyed this film; the girl (Wendy) reminded them of their cousin, she really looked like her they thought and they found the Red Panda very funny.  

I was a little unsure at first the lip-syncing is out of time, which hubbie noticed straight away but the boys did not seem aware in the slightest.  They just got stuck into the plot and to be fair to the film the story is quite good and easy enough for them to follow.  It helps children realise they need to appreciate what is special about themselves and not want to change for anyone, in this case even a mean spirited grumpy gorilla daddy making Snowflake’s time at the Zoo more difficult!

Snowflake eventually comes to develop a love for her unique snow-white fur helped along by a blossoming romance that develops with a young gorilla at the zoo.

My two liked the witch, she was quite amusing, and at first I thought she might have been one of the bad guys but she is keen to help them escape the evil clutches of Dr. Archibald who is determined to catch Snowflake at all costs and use her heart in a potion!

The mixture of live action and animation works quite well on the whole and it can be a good film to talk about self-esteem and confidence with your children.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray on the 7th of October

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