Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Starting Christmas shopping

Well it has to be done and to be fair I have hung off until October which given I had totally finished months and months ago the year before is impressive and fairly reserved for me.  Usually any bargain, offer, remotely interesting trinket gets bought and nestled away for the big day!  I have been known to splurge on the boys, my parents were tutting and sighing over the constant stream of parents they opened last year! 

Whilst hubbie and I never even bought each other anything of note, sometimes we buy a token chocolate bar just so the boys feel we get something.  Our boys can be quite grabby in gift shops wherever we go; they want that, this and something else.  You leave having had to re-mortgage your house just to pay for it!  Which has got me thinking surely it is time to spoil ME!  I contribute lots in my own way, I put up with a grumpy hubbie on occasion, I think I shall be making a Christmas list this year all about what I fancy!!!  It would not hurt the boys to have a little less… it might appease my parents at any rate!

I have spotted Gorjuss at Internet Gift Store amongst plenty of other bits and bobs I think would be lovely to have.   It looks like a very girly range with the pretty little ladies embossed on all the items.  I would like the satchel to carry around; it would be a step up from the tatty rucksack I own from my own school days (yes really it has been around THAT long!).  I do tend to like getting value for money for what I buy, but even that is taking the biscuit, a few treats are justified right now.  

So to accompany the satchel I might have some new lip balm and a cute purse.
I know my nieces would love these items too, I will have to point their mum in the right direction so she can spoil her little princesses.  Suzanne Woolcott is so talented and I am glad I have found her beautiful designs!

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  1. I love that purse. :) I also squirrel away bargains for xmas.