Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The twinkle of Christmas lights

The discussions are starting on facebook already, is it too soon to bring out the Christmas tree?  The preparations are already underway; toys are being sorted or moved making room ready for the tree to take its grand position.  It seems a common topic on mumsnet too.

I am a stickler for waiting till at least the middle of December but I see plenty of people keen to get it up now!  It would drive me mad, another thing for the boys to mess around with, last year youngest managed to stuck some bauble packing up his nose!  So as you can imagine I am quite happy to delay bringing out the tree for the time being…

I do love Christmas and all the trimmings; it’s very cosy having the room lit up with sparkling lights from the tree itself, whilst supping on warm tea and mince pies.  If I am feeling particularly Christmassy I also insist to a little singsong of Christmas carols!  But it still feels far off to me; I do not want another item collecting dust for the next few months whilst we wait for Christmas to come.

Like I said the tree all lit up is a highlight for me, but I cannot stand the process of trailing the lights around and around the tree then trying to hide the wire so it looks more natural.  It seems to take forever, hubbie always conveniently comes up with an excuse for that part, then returns when we get to the easier parts of the decorating, hanging a few token baubles here and there.  This year I have been looking at artificial Christmas trees with lights built in!  My friend has one and it seems so much easier.  Perhaps if I did not have to think about the lights I would be tempted to get my tree up a little earlier, as it is I think I put it off as long as possible to avoid facing that part!

Actually why should I enjoy the inviting feeling of little lights everywhere only at Christmas, looking at Lights4fun there are fairy lights that would set off our living room lovely.  Winter can be so dreary and dull!  So I think extra lights would keep me feeling happy, I especially love the delicate rose flower lights.

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