Monday, 21 October 2013

TREK Flapjacks Review

I have always had a soft spot for flapjacks and keep meaning to make them with the boys.  It is on our to do list soon, but we have not quite found time yet.  So I was pleased with my delivery of TREK flapjacks to fill all our tummies!

The mixed selection from Natural Balance Foods was great value for £15.99 for 16 bars.  They are decent sized flapjacks so very filling, I liked that so I feel I get a decent energy fix and do not head straight back into the cupboard for something else sweet with my cup of tea!

Eldest was excited to get them out of the box and surround himself in flapjacks.  

Being a mixed box it’s a fabulous way to try all the flavours; we each have our own favourite.  Hubbie hogged the Cocoa Coconut before anyone else got a look in; I managed to beg a crumb to try it!  It was very tasty and I can see why he made quick work of eating them.  I enjoyed the Banana Bread and the boys loved the Cocoa Oat and Oat Raisin varieties.  We are getting through the box quite quickly as you can imagine.

If I fill the boys up with flapjack I do not get badgered for sweets by them!  On sweets they are a little too crazy, like manic little bunnies running around crazy!  I am all for more wholesome snacks for them, especially ones with a slow release of energy!  They are crammed with flavours, berries, banana, chocolate and raisins; they are very delicious and full of protein.  So if you are prone to snacking least you can feel your getting something more nourishing here.  TREK are a British company all about health and happiness, well their flapjacks certainly made us feel happy as a family!  I think from now on we will be all about the healthy snacks.

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