Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Who hogs the TV remote in your house?

Here it is either the children or hubbie!  I rarely have a look in, I do stomp my feet when it comes to Downton Abbey, that show is non negotiable!  If hubbie even steps within 10 yards of the remote I am giving him dirty looks.  When the show is on I want complete radio silence, there is no way I would allow any channel hopping during that precious hour of me time!

Hubbie usually wedges the remote deep into the side of the sofa, so usually only he can find it and prise it out!  I think then he feels its safely going to stay on his channel and his channel only!  The poor boys lately have had to watch Come Dine With Me, mummy is the softer touch I let them stay on their channel and I end up making the most of yet another episode of the Smurfs on Pop.

This infographic on TV remote habits is quite interesting; I was shocked 2% of pets control the remote!  I cannot see my hamster taking any notice, although I guess the dog could carry it off in her mouth and hide it somewhere!!!  It comes as no surprise the main hogger of the control is the males, it’s certainly the case here anyway!

After reading through it maybe I should be hiding the remote, I am missing a trick!  I am not that devious but I would certainly use that tactic if anyone including the dog tried to switch channels during my Downton Abbey time…

Actually looks like the dog is getting closer to the remote by the minute!  

Maybe that is a 2% statistic I need to keep an eye on.  Between hubbie, the kids and the dog, I have no chance really.  Luckily most of the time I am more than happy to watch the Smurfs or Come Dine With Me.  Although last night hubbie was watching football on the telly, I admit if ever a time came to think about hiding the remote it was then!

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