Friday, 1 November 2013

Back to entering competitions

When I was a regular at entering competitions, I read a lot in the forums about people having lucky charms.  Sometimes they were in the shape of little Buddha’s sat next to their computer as its considered lucky to rub their tummy whilst others had Cornish Pisky’s for the same purpose but with a spot of hat rubbing.

I think people are willing to try anything to help with those entries and hope for a decent win arriving in the post.  We are always feeling the pinch these days with everything costing more, so a big cheque in the post is a welcome addition to family finances.  Lots more people have turned to entering competitions, when I started 14 years ago, the odds were much better, now everyone has a computer and access to competition websites listing all the best ones to enter.

After hearing about some of the wins from my blogging friend over at 92three30 I want to get back on the comping scene.  Back in the day we had some lovely wins, once a £3k Loose Women one.  Admittedly it got gobbled up doing the bathroom, but I would like a win again to use for something more indulgent like a relaxing holiday abroad.

So I need to find my own lucky charm, I was thinking one I could carry with me everywhere, so my tummy rubbing is not restricted to just to being at home.  Buddha to Buddha Jewellery has the perfect solution a necklace I can wear everywhere. 

I think I might ask hubbie if I can have it for Christmas because I know what I am like if the wins take too long to come in I will get bored and stop my hobby before it has a chance to wield any wins!  But with an attitude like that I will never win, comping takes perseverance and dedication.

I wonder what else Buddha themed I could buy from it cannot hurt my chances to stock up!

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  1. Good luck with the comps....