Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Back to normality

Nice to be back to a normal routine with both the boys at school!  My poor little youngest has had an ear infection and been very grumpy, luckily starting his antibiotics seems to have done the trick, as he is much better in himself already after completing day two of his course.  I do not like all the illnesses going round like wildfire, we have had the sick bug for both of them, then bad coughs then the ear infection, hoping for a respite now so we can catch up on lost sleep.

I think I could not have chosen a more apt name for my blog!!!  I need to sleep for a LONG time to play catch up.  A little more tired than normal as after school we headed to a party, eleven energetic boys for over two hours, I was glad to nurse a welcome cup of tea at the end of it when order was almost restored.  I love parties, as it’s a chance to indulge in cake whilst tiring out my boys and in this case admire the rabbit shaped jelly!  I do not think enough people appreciate shaped jelly anymore as it was much more common when I was growing up!  Bring back the jelly moulds I say!!!

My dear friend who hosted it I will be meeting in the morning for a much deserved morning coffee session!  She is debating whether she deserves a liqueur version, I think after surviving that she deserves anything!!!  I might have to join her...

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