Friday, 8 November 2013


We love trips to the seaside, walking along the beach it’s amazing what treasures you might find, pretty shells, distressed but interesting driftwood and much to the delight of my youngest a bucket or spade left behind by someone!   Heaps of people seem to have metal detectors, going back and fourth hoping for that trademark static noise meaning some riches might be unearthed!

We have also tried our hand at finding whale sick!  Yes believe it or not there is a roaring trade in the stuff in the perfume industry and you can be very wealthy if you spot some of this, although it is tricky to spot so be careful what you start delving into!

When you see the beautiful wood washed up from the sea I wish I had the skill to make something with it, as it happens I think most gets thrown on to people’s fires, which seems such a shame.  But if I had a talent I would like to try my hand at woodcarvings, I think there are skilled people out there with a real gift.  I wish I could be more creative and produce something unique and striking to display in my own home.

As it happens I lack any creative finesse, I would not know where to start producing my own masterpiece.  I think the boys would be better equipped to come up with something as their imaginations are running wild and they are full of grand ideas!  One of the locals does enjoy woodcarving and makes wonderful decorations at Christmas time; we have a delightful snowman each for my boys!  I will have to bend his ear and get some tips for the next time my beachcombing finds me some wood…

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  1. We love beach combing too, driftwood photo frames don't look too hard to make?
    We once found a battered old toy monkey on the beach, took him home and sewed up all his holes and washed him. Still have him now :)