Thursday, 28 November 2013

Black Dog Delicatessen Review

I was sent a lovely package of Black Dog Delicatessen products to test out.  

I am somewhat of a novice in the kitchen but I relished the opportunity to be encouraged to try something new.  Hubbie set out the bread and balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping.  I love that combination as a starter to a meal and it kept us going whilst I waited for the risotto to simmer.

The instructions were easy to follow on the Risotto packet and I liked that it has asparagus, carrot, chives, parsley and garlic and incorporated into the mix.  We were also sent a lemon variety which included the same apart from the asparagus, so I am also looking forward to sampling that one day soon.  I think they are great value at only £2.49 as they do include so many lovely flavours in there.  I like having risotto on the menu, as it is an excuse to crack open a bottle of wine to add it to the mixture!  Then you can enjoy a glass whilst you’re stirring and attending to your dinner.  The instructions do not specify quite how much wine you need to add, so I just added a generous portion to be on the safe side!

To be honest this packet really helped me the poor excuse for a cook make a restaurant worthy meal, hubbie was quite impressed!  The only thing is I may well have to cook more regularly now, but with Black Dog Delicatessen simplifying the process I could be tempted to repeat the process very soon!  You can fill the store cupboard inexpensively with these mixes and they do make a filling meal for two (we had some over so you could probably do two little portions for the kids at a stretch, they could get a taste for it after all and start appreciated the finer things in life!).

Having sampled some of what Black Dog Delicatessen have to offer I think the luxury hamper (£45.00) would make a wonderful gift this Christmas for any foodies in your family or as a helping hand to those a little less inclined to be found in the kitchen!

But another reason I now love Black Dog Delicatessen is the fact they donate a percentage of their proceeds to the Labrador Rescue Trust.  Given that the brand was developed out of a love for two rather gorgeous Labradors, Bailey and Blue rescue dogs belonging to foodhq's MD, James Tyler.  You can see the passion behind the brand and what a fantastic inspiration the two pooches are.

You can see the full product range for yourself over on their website.

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