Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Gaming Gift Ideas

My boys have some clear ideas about what they want for Christmas when it comes to gaming.  Hubbie does too, but I do not take as much notice of what he says, poor love!

Recommended Games
Top of the list is Skylanders Swap Force, the third instalment in the Skylanders series of games.  My son enjoys collecting the figures to add to the portal and is eager to see what the next instalment will offer in the way of challenges and new characters.  It looks like another hit and the addition of swappable characters adding that little bit extra excitement.

Another is Disney Infinity; I am not sure how I feel about adding another set of figures to our house to play this game, as already the Skylanders take up a fair bit of space!  But I know my youngest will be keen to see the likes of Mickey Mouse and Wrecking Ralph figures as he enjoys Disney films.

Katsuma Unleashed looks good as a simple platform adventure for both my boys who are Moshi Monster mad!  It looks like youngest could manage this game so I think it will appeal to young and older Moshi fans alike.

Then Christmas gaming would not be complete without at least one LEGO title thrown in for good measure.  Eldest is hoping for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes to add to his collection.  Initial reviews look good and children will enjoy playing the various Super Heroes like Iron Man, Wolverine and the Hulk.

Recommended Gaming Systems

For the little ones the Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra looks promising and the kid safe wi-fi sounds reassuring.  Plus I love how sturdy Leapfrog products are, they realise how heavy handed children are and develop their products accordingly.

One console I am pining for is the Wii U, I just find when a new system is released then the better games tend to be focused on that rather than the previous technology.  Having the Wii only there are some tempting titles, like Super Mario Bros. U, that are sadly beyond our grasp!

Good Gaming TV’s
When it comes to selecting a TV hubbie always opt for stats that are going to improve his gaming experience, for the last several years Samsung have held a firm favourite for him.

On the whole the stats you want to ensure hit the mark when purchasing a TV are; a refresh rate ideally 100Hz or higher, response time aka input lag ideally as low as possible (however it can be difficult to find this information so a quick internet search can help you out here) and resolution you want your gaming experience to be immersive you want to ensure you have full 1080p.

Other items to think about are Inputs to the TV, there is no point only having two HDMI inputs if you have three HDMI devices!

And finally cost, you must weigh up the options above with the final cost of the product, do not get carried away and always hunt for the best online deal.  But like I mentioned before Samsung is our family favourite.
Gaming Headsets

These have high up hubbie’s wishlist – he never wants to scrimp on his latest gaming gear (as much as I tut over his purchases).  He once upgraded to a headset and saw his gaming quality improve dramatically, seeing his clan reach the top of the leader board as finally as his members could co-ordinate their attacks.  He said the main things to look out for in a headset are:

Comfort – you may well be gaming for hours on end (he would if he had his way!), one of his friends spent £120 on his headgear only to be let down after 45 minutes of use as his head felt very hot and pinched! 

Sound Quality – always opt for a branded product that you trust, so you get quality and distinct sound.

Multifunctional – As technology has developed hubbie tries to get a headset that will over all his gaming needs, so try and find a headset that will cover PC, Playstation and XBOX.  He is currently seeking a headset that will work alongside a PS4 (if he ever convinces me to let him have one!); he has heard rumours that Gioteck will be releasing some very soon.  PS4 gaming headsets would hopefully drown out some of the noise too, so when he is busy gaming and the boys are trying to sleep they will not have to listen to it!

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