Friday, 8 November 2013

Cloudy with Meatballs 2 at Cineworld

It was cold and miserable outside so I was glad to step into Cineworld in Llandudno Junction and feel much warmer straight away, its nice they make it so toasty with the heating on for their customers.  The last thing you want to be doing when settling down to a decent film is shivering from the lack of heat and the sound of your teeth clattering putting people of their viewing!

All ready to watch the film

After we saw two children with funny black plastic things then realised they were booster seats, we had never noticed them before, but they have heaps stacked outside the screens for you to go and help yourself.  Youngest decided to test one out and he looked more settled in his chair, his weight was not enough before and it kept sliding him back but with the booster on he had a great position to see the screen and he looked more comfortable.

Youngest decided to have a picture after the film by them so more people notice they are there!

I then decided to go and buy some nacho’s I braved the Jalapenos and went bright red much to my children’s delight!  Tasty nachos and a big portion for £5.10 but next time I think I might leave the chilli’s…

The film was really funny; we giggled lots over the silly food animals and their antics.  Berry was just plain adorable and I want one!  The film had a lovely charm about it, a group of unlikely characters (friends) coming together and dealing with a few tricky obstacles along the way, like a tacodile supreme or a cheese spider and of course a very crazy scientist intent on global domination (of the snack bar industry!).

We will be back again soon to Cineworld I am sure, whilst there I also noticed a church group meeting up for a service, they seemed very welcoming and friendly!  It is surprising how much goes on in your local Cineworld.

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