Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Design your dream car competition

You might remember my boys entered the Carcraft competition back in August; eldest had some fabulous features on his entry like a fly catching button.  

Well the competition is back with a flourish but this time it’s the adults chance to enter.  I bet hubbie will want to come up with something, he is pining for a new car in real life so designing one might distract him for a little bit and the prize has been upped considerably with a juicy £200 Amazon voucher on offer this time!!!  I wonder if he will raid the boys sequin and glitter supplies for his idea...

Actually the thought of the Amazon voucher is making me think of what I could come up with to enter!  Think of all the Christmas presents you could get sorted with that.  Plus it would be fun to come up with something a little different, my car would probably be made of self-renewing chocolate, with a donut steering wheel and jelly bean buttons to press…

Hubbie would no doubt be very practical with something fast and sleek instead!  But I bet my car would appeal to those with a sweet tooth.  You have until November the 20th to enter your can, do so by heading to the Carcraft website and make the most of the extra entry methods to improve your chances of winning those fabulous vouchers!

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