Friday, 22 November 2013

Hellmann's 'Sandwich of the Century' Challenge

I will be quite honest here I am hopeless in the kitchen, so bad my mum is giving me cooking lessons even though I am now 34!  But last week I learnt to make a very appetising beef casserole so all hope is not lost…

So I thought I would try and rise to the challenge and actually make the “Sandwich of the Century” as part of the Hellmann’s campaign to encourage us to use leftovers.  I think it is a worthwhile cause as they are encouraging people to reduce their food waste.  Given how little some people have to eat in the world, making the most of what we do have rather than chucking it recklessly away seems a better option all round and saves a small fortune in the process.

It’s amazing what you can do with your food; just adding in some lovely Hellmann’s mayonnaise for the extra WOW factor and away you go another lovely meal but made by re-using rather than heading back to the shops to buy yet more food!!!

I had some cooked ham left over from lunch, it was thick and tasty but usually it ends up in the dog’s tummy, but I thought this would be perfect to re-use for us.  I felt peckish in the evening, eyed up the mayonnaise bottle and thought why not the time has come lets embrace the sandwich challenge.  Without guidance from my mum I admit I turned to the Internet, if I had any eggs I would have created a French toasted sandwich, the bread toasted after being dipped in the egg mixture.  It sounded delicious but the challenge was to re-use not head to the shops and get more in!

So I did not completely luck out but ham, mayonnaise, mustard, some grated onion and carrot and viola an edible sandwich lovingly created by me!!!  Who knows what I might create next time I feel the urge to re-use!

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