Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Keeping topped up in ink

We go through printer ink like you wouldn’t believe, the boys always want something printed out like colouring sheets or pictures of their favourite characters, hubbie gets in on the action using it for his work to print the minutes from the many meetings he attends.  I would love to sound all virtuous and say I print off recipes regularly so I can produce delicious wholesome home cooked meals but that bit would be a little white lie! 

Although I am planning on being better in the kitchen soon, my mum has offered me some cooking lessons!  Anything more ambitious than beans on toast is a challenge for me at the moment, so I have decided to take her up on the kind offer.  The printing of recipes might not be that far off then, I will be more mastered at cooking after some guidance off my lovely mum and can wow hubbie with my newfound culinary talent!

In the meantime I have to try and schedule time to do that alongside everything else whilst trying to calm and tame two wild little tigers.  I think my best bet might be to print off some reward charts to nudge their behaviour in the right direction.  As eldest has got a little older he does not seem to need so much sleep so is always up at the crack of dawn, long days and cheeky behaviour means mummy needs a little help!   Super nanny is all about the positive, so I need to follow her good example and reinforce the behaviour I want to see more of with lots of stickers and praise.  There are heaps of reward chart templates on the Internet you can print easily at home.

So stocking up on Epson ink for my printer I should be ready to print reward charts to my hearts content and soon enjoy polite well behaved boys.  Thanks to a little help from super nanny on the topic of reward charts and Cartridge Discount for making it more affordable!  It’s an expensive business otherwise buying everything we seem to need lately… but Count Dracula might be kept in line with a reward chart so it will be worth it!!!

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