Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Learning to Shop

Ever since I was little I have showed very little interest in shopping.  My mum thought, as I grew older we would spend time shopping together for clothes as mum’s often do, but I was never eager to trail round lots of shops. 

My capsule wardrobe has never swelled with clothes over the years, as I tend to wear something until it is no longer salvageable, then it is finally replaced.  

I wear clothes for warmth rather than to make a statement or to look stylish.  I wish I had more enthusiasm, now we are in position to spend a little more on clothes my reluctance of old is hard to shift!  If I go to a big clothes store I do not know where to start, the contrasting patterns and materials overwhelm me and I tend to stick to my trusted jeans, jumper and trainers.  I have a couple of nicer items, a dress, my hotter boots I won, the odd glitzy top but overall I need to get better at the whole shopping experience!!!

If I make a point of visiting the bigger outlets and trying on more clothes, surely I will find items that suit me and compliment my look.  I will become more knowledgeable about the latest trends; instead of wearing my usual perplexed look on my face!  I found it so tricky settling on a winter coat, I actually bought a smaller version of hubbies!  So now we are going round modelling his and her coats.

We visited Trafford Centre last weekend and I noticed another big shopping centre, the Wembley outlet which looks equally promising for a shopping education!  I am determined to learn a little about fashion, so my boys dress well as they hit their teens and have more confidence shopping than I ever did.  Perhaps I should go on a shopping trip with my newfound girly friends and my mum and watch and learn from them, then finally I might not be so clueless.

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  1. lol - who cares though, if you don't enjoy it why bother? I must admit i loved to shop but have little time or inclination these days. Jeans and trainers do me most days :)