Tuesday, 12 November 2013

LEGOLAND ® Discovery Centre Review

My two are huge LEGO fans and were very excited to have the opportunity to review the LEGOLAND ® Discovery Centre in Manchester.  It has a great location nestled within the Trafford Centre complex, so you have plenty of other things to do and see after your visit, if your children have any energy left that is! 

The staff here make sure your children have a chance to get active from the moment they arrive.  The little introduction to how LEGO is made was very interesting and saw all the children jumping frantically at one point!  Anything to help wear them out is good in my books.  My boys (aged 4 and 6) eyes lit up hearing about LEGO and eldest enjoyed being one of the volunteers of the factory tour.

A nice touch was at the end of the demonstration they each received a special brick to leave with. 

The MINILAND® was quite impressive to see, I particularly liked that for the first part it changed from daylight to night, then you could watch a firework display light the sky and see all the lights coming on in the buildings.  For the boys they just were glad of lots of buttons to press to see things happening!

A definite highlight was the LEGO® Racers: Build & Test section, the boys thought it was exciting to build their own car and then race it against other children’s creations.  Some of the tracks were quite extreme and it was fun seeing if the car was up to the challenge (or to count how many LEGO pieces would fall off on the way down!).

The LEGO® Fire Academy was well positioned with comfy looking sofa’s around it for the adults to collapse on, meaning your children can safely climb and run around whilst you keep a watchful eye on them and regain your energy!  Or in the case of youngest he was tuckered out himself and needed a quick lie down!!!

The 4D Cinema was a treat; we sat near the front and got quite wet!  This is the first time youngest has left on his 3D glasses and stayed for a whole  performance, but the Chima adventure kept him absorbed and he soon realised there was nothing more scary than a skunks flatulence!  Thankfully the 4D experience does not include smell…

We have been to LEGOLAND Windsor twice before and if your hoping for lots of rides then you are more limited here.  There are three rides in total, but to be honest I think LEGOLAND DISCOVERY offers other things that still make it a very pleasant day out.  I think you have more opportunity to be creative here; children can use their imaginations building their own LEGO designs rather than just go from ride to ride.  I see merits in both attractions and think as long as you’re a LEGO fan you will have lots of fun!

You can buy tickets online which is the cheapest option, for our visit it would have cost £48 and actually I think I would have gladly paid that.  We stayed for 3 and a half hours but we could have repeated some or all of the activities and rides numerous more times quite contentedly we were just conscious of our long journey home.

We did make a point of trying out most of the sections though and I found the staff to be very welcoming and friendly.  A few in particular tried their best to help coax my reluctant youngest on to the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, we finally managed it and he had lots of fun shooting the trolls, skeletons, rocks and spiders.

Eldest has informed me he wants to move to the city!  I think that is largely down to his much-enjoyed visit here.  He is willing to leave the countryside behind and live in a hotel or so he says… maybe he could get a job manning the LEGOLAND stall, the pair of them could certainly entice more customers after having such a lovely time there!!!

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