Friday, 8 November 2013

My hubbie, my hero!

I am lucky my hubbie is good with computers; if my laptop is ailing he gives it a decent hovering inside and gets all those dust bunnies to leave their comfy residence!  Then he does some bits and bobs, mainly technical things like de-fragmenting and de-cluttering my desktop!  Like I have mentioned before I have a very naughty habit of storing everything on my desktop, rather than in separate files, as I should!  So when my computer starts it is trying to load the whole desktop and goes very slow… it is quite an ancient laptop now and I am surprised the keys have not worn down with all my non-stop typing!  If its not blogging its chatting to friends on facebook…

My computer is a pain now the battery does not hold and it needs to be permanently plugged in to work anymore.  So I should really have a spare supply of computer cables because if the inevitable happened my blogging would cease whilst I order another!  Then my backlog would build up and I would be thinking about all the toys waiting to be written about!  Reviews need to happen quickly as sometimes the boys leave parts here there and everywhere, so I like to do my write-ups whilst everything is together in one place, however long that may last!

My hubbie loves getting stuck into anything to do with computers, so he would enjoy a visit to Rapid Online to stock up again, after I had a bit of a clearout of all his supplies when we were sorting out the loft!  I did not realise a box of random looking cables and such like were important, including a wireless keyboard and mouse ooops!

I do wonder how much I contribute to the relationship!  He does my computer, the ironing and even makes the dinner.  I truly love my hubbie very much; I am just lucky he loves me back… especially after getting rid of his cherished computing supplies!

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  1. hahaha Sounds like my fella...He's a computer whizz! I really don't have a clue most of the time....We have boxes of computer parts and wires too which I keep trying to throw