Monday, 18 November 2013

My Thornton’s Christmas Hero

I had a very pleased mum when she took delivery of this tasty box of treats.  I think I inherited my sweet tooth from my mum as her eyes lit up seeing everything inside, but she completely deserves to be spoilt.  She helps me as much as she can, she bakes me the occasional cake, has the children stay overnight to give hubbie and I a welcome break and is always willing to lend me a few a quid if we are tight till the end of the month.  Basically she is there to give us a helping hand whenever we need it!  So I thought it was time to recognise her efforts and kindness in the shape of a chocolate treat!

My mum has already made headway into the chocolates; I think she had hoped to save them for Christmas, given this particular Thorntons hamper does come crammed with so much.  But light work is being made of them, that and the boys sneaked off with a couple of her smaller bags of chocolates when they had their sleepover there!  It is hard hanging onto Thorntons they really are indulgent chocolates and everyone wants to help eat them!!!

I am impressed with the fact the box only cost £25.00; it is absolutely jam packed with everything a chocoholic could possibly need and more.  I think I am in my mum’s good books now.  She is feeling very happy with herself thanks to her selection from her hamper as she sits next to the roaring fire of an evening.  Life is suddenly fabulous!

I am sorely tempted to buy a few more hampers for everyone else.  I like spreading a little joy at Christmas and seeing how happy my mum was goes to show just how much chocolate can enrich your life.

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  1. Aww how lovely!!

    That's a lot of Chocolate for £25!! Yum!! x