Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Refining my tastes

As I am getting older I am starting to enjoy different things, I had a biscuit barrel off my mum from her holiday and I have never been so pleased!  Who would have thought a storage tin would have been the highlight of that particular day, I have never been that worried about household accessories but times are a changing!  I am also shifting my entertainment preferences, back when I was a student my favourite pastime was drinking at the bar, followed by drinking in the club!

Now I look forward to a decent meal in a restaurant, a trip to the theatre or a country walk.  So I thought there are a few things I have not tried, hot chocolate I still cannot tolerate sadly or coffee (what with all the fabulous flavours you can get with posh names like Pumpkin Spice Latte!), wine I now drink but very diluted with lemonade.  I do not like pate or the thought of caviar turns my tummy!  I tried venison once it was so meaty I just ate my vegetables…

So I think I should work on my choice of entertainment instead, seeing as I do not have the stomach for the finer foods.  I have considered following Opera, it’s one thing I have yet to try.  Hopefully it will enrich my appreciation of drama through music and sing song.  I am not sure I will be able to follow the plots but at least if anyone asks I can confirm I have indeed developed an interest of sorts in classical music. 

I might be an opera novice but I still know my Rigoletto from Risotto.  If you do not then the first is an opera by by Giuseppe Verdi the second quite a delicious Italian dish!  But I will keep developing my interest; if it’s not for me then at least I gave it a try.  At the very least the English National Opera is a lavish venue and worth a visit for that reason alone.

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