Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Silly Moo Review

We have seen this advertised on television so the boys definitely were pleased to get their mucky paws on the game.  Silly Moo is quite an easy game to set up and play, you just load the milk cartons and cowpats into the slots at the back of the cow using the tail to make space for the next one.  Once its all loaded up you simply take it in turns to pull the udder the number of times it says on the dice then see if you get anything pop out the back of the cow!!!

My boys liked that best seeing if they would get a milk bottle, ideally the gold one for more points or a cowpat!  It was quite exciting; you lose points for cowpats so ideally you need to avoid getting them.  

A cowpat this time!

When her eyes pop out you know she is fully emptied and you can calculate your scores!

I would definitely recommend this game, its for 3+ and both boys aged 4 and 6 really enjoyed it, I thought it might have limited appeal but so far they absolutely love it and keep coming back for more.

Available to buy from a range of stockists and one game I have a feeling will be making a few Christmas lists.  If you want some action to make you giggle without much preparation before playing this game does the trick.  I think for older children though it does not provide much challenge, but for youngsters its silly fun!

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  1. This looks like such a fun game...My two want if for Christmas...I just think it's rather strange....lol