Friday, 1 November 2013

Soaking wet feet

My youngest needs some decent wellies; he splashes so dramatically that water usually floods half his boot so they need to be tall ones at the very least!  I had to throw a pair away, as it took too long to dry out; so long it was getting decidedly whiffy.  I have since heard that newspaper is good for absorbing the water, but I think having a boot that comes up higher will be the best bet!  We rarely read papers so for one I would have none to assist me in the mopping up of access water!  I feel a little disgruntled as the said pair of wellies were on their first airing, so I certainly did not get value for money with them.

Jelly Egg shoes seem a good place to start the hunt for some more, I usually buy from local shops when I can but most of them start having reduced hours after half term making shopping a lot trickier!  But I guess it’s a problem for most small communities just buffered by tourists during the summer months with amenities rapidly shutting down left right and centre come October.

The appropriately named kids muck boots look promising.  Youngest is always mucking about; he fell on his bottom in a puddle today and was wet through!  I think I need durable wellies for us all so that we can cope with more puddles than Peppa Pig has ever seen in her life!  We live in Wales after all…

With the weather colder, damper and wetter we should at least have warm comfortable feet from now on, I personally think there is nothing worse than wet miserable feet!  I went trick a treating with the boys this evening and it rained and rained and rained, my feet still do not feel like they have recovered over three hours later.  If we had been wearing suitable boots we would have felt much happier and probably tackled even more houses for treats!!!  Still it was a fair haul of sweets regardless.

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