Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stocking up on blogging supplies

I would never have thought blogging would take off so well, we are sent really lovely things to review and attend some fabulous events.  All helping make my boys happy and keeping them busy for a little while whilst mummy is tasked with the write-ups! 

In the two years I have now blogged I never thought I would still be tip tapping on my keyboard and getting a regular stream of review items from companies emailing me, rarely do I make first contact anymore (unless its to get competitions for my dear followers) as just keeping my inbox up to date is enough to be getting on with!!!  I tried to get hubbie to help me going through emails, the novelty wore off after one very short evening, I think he managed twenty minutes!!!

I had some business cards made up to hand out at events and to blogging friends you make along the way.  I learnt something useful at Britmums for every business card you hand out give another for them to pass onto someone, I quite like the idea and would never mind if someone gave me two for that very reason.  But with that system I seem to have run out!  So I was looking at where the trade buys to restock again before the next event I get invited too.

I think my favourite so far was the launch of the LEGOLAND Duplo Splash and Play and with blogging you never know when the next event invite might land in your inbox so I should really make use of the very handy 24 hour printing just in case!  I want to be ready you never know who you might meet!  At the LEGOLAND event I was chatting to Nell McAndrew…

But for all the shiny review items and the wonderful events what I have liked most from blogging is the friends I have become close too.  One in particular who’s son I have a feeling my boys will be spending plenty of time with and pretty much growing up together as time goes by!

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